The Brief

Gia’s Kitchen prepares freshly made dishes for the freezer and special occasions. Founder, Gia, approached Branduo with the dual goal of branding her business and developing an e-commerce solution that would allow her to drive sales by selling her frozen meals online.

Project Overview

Key Deliverables

+ Brand Strategy
+ Marketing Strategy
+ E-commerce Website Design
+ Copywriting
+ Email marketing

Creative Partners

+ Visionary Studios
+ Wendy Lategan Photography
+ Humanise Digital
+ Dado Agency
+ Michelle van den Berg

The Creative Challenge

Our challenge was to capture the brand’s warm, earthy and bubbly brand personality and craft a tone of voice and resulting content that would radiate throughout the website, social media and marketing content. We also needed to build a website that was easy to use for users of ranging ages and technological capabilities.

The Strategic Solution

The brand essence was captured in the slogan Nurture Effortlessly and the design team created a warm, earthy colour palette and custom iconography that instilled a novel and quirky edge in collateral. Moody, beautifully styled product photography displays Gia’s food decadently. The e-commerce website is easy to navigate for users of ranging technological capabilities.  The resulting brand portrays the warmth and personality of its founder while delivering greater, easier access to nurturing meals for her clients.