Turn complexity into clarity

Branduo is a specialist brand strategy and design consultancy that helps our clients to articulate their business value with clarity and charisma.

Overcome confusion, competition and inconsistency with a strategic brand refresh that instils conviction and credibility.

Emotionally intelligent branding

Your brand is an asset. Gone are the days of slapdash logos and generic content. Your customers want and deserve better. They want to feel that your brand understands their needs and is best placed to fulfil them.

Your brand needs to connect. It needs meaningful direction, a compelling reason for your audience to care and stories that makes each of your stakeholders feel heard and served.  

Strategic services

+ Strategy workshops
+ Brand strategy
+ Brand architecture
+ Customer interviews
+ Brand positioning
+ Brand audits

+ Logo design
+ Corporate identity design
+ Marketing collateral design
+ Pitch deck design
+ PowerPoint presentation design
+ Website design

+ Communications strategy
+ Copywriting and editing services
+ Tagline and brand story development
+ Pitch deck content creation
+ Corporate profile content creation
+ Website content creation

Strategy for success: the Branduo model

Define your business’s distinct offering

Through a strategic workshop with your management team, we’ll unpack your overarching goals, key business capabilities and competitor landscape. We’ll identify the solutions your customers are failing to find from your competitors and propose routes to leverage these distinct opportunities.

Provide a compelling reason to buy

We’ll develop a strategic brand position that defines your business in a succinct, unique and memorable format. We’ll give you the tools you need to sell simply but with conviction and clarity. We’ll frame your brand messages in a way that drives intended responses from your audience.

Craft a story that connects audience + brand

Stories help us create scenarios in which our audiences’ fears are resolved and their desires met. We’ll help you tell your brand’s story orally, visually and digitally. We’ll develop a brand persona to consistently harness across all channels, helping you to build a real connection with your audience.

Translate insights into impact

Branduo works with a hand-picked team of creatives who span the fields of graphic and UX design, website development, digital marketing and PR. We’ll project-manage the translation of our strategic insights into distinctive, captivating design and communications that resonate with your audience.

Branduo clients

Work we’re proud of

Client love

“We engaged with Jenni and Branduo through a recommendation, for what we thought would be a standard rebranding exercise. What we experienced was world class involving a complete analysis of our business, what we stood for and wanted to achieve. Jenni met with all key stakeholders in our business including the staff, and provided a view of our business we have never had before. As a result, her output was far more than a branding exercise. It now drives our strategy, having refined and aligned our vision for what we want to achieve. We couldn’t recommend her any higher.”

Bryan Turner: Partner, Spear Capital

"What a great experience! Working with Branduo was an absolute pleasure. Jenni facilitated the entire process masterfully with the highest level of professionalism, and the final result completely exceeded expectations. If you're wondering about who to trust with your next rebrand, stop, and just go with Branduo."

Alain Joffe: Chief Growth Officer, Mygrow

"Our experience with Branduo has been amazing. From the start to finish, Jenni understood exactly what we needed. She is highly professional and organised, which was so refreshing. We could not facilitate the process between different suppliers the way she did it. The branding itself came out more beautiful than we could have imagined. We communicated with Jenni who we were and who we have become but that our branding did not speak this. What she created for us is an exact representation of who we feel we are and how we should show up in the industry. Jenni, you will forever be a part of Mint’s success. Thank you so much."

Marisca de Bruyn: Director, Mint Accounting

“Branduo is an exceptional company and has true all-rounder ability. Jenni is devoted and talented in all the projects she has executed for our company. Branduo has led the pack when it comes to marketing, content, strategy and overall brand management. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking assistance with the above.”

Daniel Mirkin: CEO, VitaminMe

"GlueData contracted in Branduo to refresh our brand after 10 years to redefine ourselves as the market leader for SAP Data Solutions in South Africa, and establish ourselves firmly in the European market which we recently entered. The outcome was much better and broader than I expected. Jenni helped us redefine our purpose and our “why", through professional, step-by-step guided consulting that got the best out of our team with an end result that blew our minds (including our customers, partners and employees)! I stand back and I am so proud – thank you."

Malan Barnard: Director, GlueData

“I have worked with a few brand strategists in my life and can unequivocally say that Jenni Benatar is on another level. She gets the product/business within a short space of time and maps out the optimal journey for your brand. Sharp and always asking the right questions, I feel like Branduo gives any company the best chance to succeed in its journey. I have worked with her in startups and in well established businesses and she is class personified. I HIGHLY recommend using Branduo - 10/10”

Darren Kramer: Venture Capitalist

“I could not possibly recommend Branduo more. Working with Jenni has been an absolute pleasure. Her professionalism, efficiency and passion far exceeded any expectations and the end results speak for themselves. Jenni has a keen eye for detail and design, understands brands and people and her expert opinion and directive sets her apart.  The value added to our brand and business has made a real and measurable difference.”

Laura Kawitzky: Founder, Laura Kay Interior + Design