The Brief

Property law firm, Hadar Incorporated, is truly building the Law Firm 2.0 – a place where the attorneys focus on value rather than billable hours and genuinely love what they do. My brief was to run a strategic branding process that would help capture the brand’s language, passion and competitive edge, using these insights to redesign the original corporate identity into a more sophisticated, “on-brand” version.

Project Overview

Key Deliverables

+ Brand Strategy
+ Marketing Strategy
+ Brand Identity Design
+ Website Design
+ Copywriting

Creative Partners

+ Room 13 Design
+ Nicolene Scheepers
+ Weblab
+ Sarah de Pina Photography

The Creative Challenge

Consumers view engaging with a law firm as a grudge purchase. Our challenge was to recognise this pervasive attitude and highlight how Hadar Inc is turning the industry on its head. We also wanted to pay homage to the brand’s roots and not entirely overturn their logo but update it to a more distinct and modern iteration.

The Strategic Solution

The slogan ‘Add value, not hours’ was created to showcase the firm’s pioneering mindset. The Hadar Inc brand mark was given a sophisticated polish and a modern, bold typeface was selected for the wordmark. Instead of stock imagery, we captured professional imagery of their people and workspace and carried this through into a website that reflects their passionate and professional brand personality.