The Brief

Start-ups like VitaminMe are dream Branduo clients - hungry, innovative and eager to take on laggard industries in need of shaking up. I developed the brand strategy for the vitamin-on-demand business, working with the founders and creative partners on a communications, design and digital strategy that would help them define and dominate a new niche in the local supplements market.

Project Overview

Key Deliverables

+ Brand Strategy
+ Marketing Strategy
+ E-commerce Website Design
+ Copywriting
+ Creative Project Management

Creative Partners

+ Downtown Creative Agency
+ Franklin Cooper Design Agency
+ DMN Creative Agency
+ Humanise Digital

The Creative Challenge

In a saturated market, how do you stand out? In the case of VitaminMe, we took a philosophy of overstocked aisles, misinformation and generic messaging and we made it personal. We all want to be that guy or girl, but life often gets in the way of optimal wellbeing. Cue VitaminMe.

The Strategic Solution

To connect with our audience, we created a brand persona that was familiar (not bubbly), witty (doesn’t try too hard) and knowledgeable (yet down to earth). The brand was brought to life with fresh, vibrant visuals, customised and personalised packaging, unparalleled UX and the building of an online, engaged community.